Shrunken calf leather, a representative product of Perlinger, a long-established tannery in Germany.

Itchi's Face

"DIPLO FJORD" is a shrunken calfskin leather that represents LUDWIG PERLINGER GmbH , a long-established tannery that Germany is proud of.

This is Ichi's signature leather.

Over 150 years of history

The company has a history of over 150 years using chrome tanning techniques and uses carefully selected raw hides to make leather using its own unique methods.

When selecting raw hides, we are extremely particular about what the cows ate when they were raised, and we always pursue the highest quality leather.

They are also a reputable tannery that is environmentally conscious, having spent a large amount of money to install wastewater treatment facilities and waste incineration facilities.

A feel that cannot be expressed with embossed leather

This shrunken calfskin, considered the finest chrome-tanned, shrink-processed leather, is a luxury leather that has been produced by the company since 1864.

The natural grain created by shrinking the leather of calves less than 6 months old has a unique flavor that can never be reproduced with embossed leather, and no two pieces are exactly the same.

Resistant to water, dirt and scratches

The size and depth of the grain varies depending on the part used, and the atmosphere created by the shadows further enhances the appeal of the product.

The shrink process causes the raw hides to shrink by about 20% to 30%, which limits the parts that can be used, making the leather more expensive. However, the hides are highly elastic, resistant to water and dirt, and scratch-resistant, giving them an appeal that is not found in other leathers.

Adopted by famous fashion houses

This material is originally developed according to the standards required by famous fashion brands, and is made with excellent dyeing techniques and color-fixing treatments.

As proof of its high technical capabilities, it is actively adopted by the world's top maison brands.

Elegant coloring

It is available in five colors: Orange, Yellow, J.blue, Taupe, and Black.

Please try out "DIPLO FJORD", which has a soft, supple and elegant color.