The most beautiful water-dyed cordovan in the world

The world's most beautiful

The world's greatest beauty

Itchi's " CARNO " and " NUME CARNO" are made with cordovan from Redel Ogawa, a company that manufactures cordovan in Japan using a unique dye finish method.

Using base materials made by Shinki Leather, Japan's top cordovan tannery, their glazing (polishing) processing technology, which people from all over the world come to see, boasts a beauty that is recognized by both themselves and others as the best in the world.

Redel Ogawa

A finisher specializing in cordovan, founded in 1971. They were the first in Japan to develop the aniline dyeing technique for cordovan using water-based dyes.

The One and Only, Clear as Crystal

LEDER OGAWA's Artisan Cordovan


About Cordovan

Cordovan refers to a layer of collagen fibers that is produced on a horse's rump (buttocks).

Ordinary cowhide and horsehide use a leather surface called gin, in which each fiber is woven together like a mesh.

In contrast, cordovan is a floor layer called kane, which is only about 2mm thick and appears when the inside of the buttocks is carved away.The very fine fibers stand vertically without tangling, which creates a sense of depth when viewed from the front.

This is the source of its transparency, creating a special beauty not found in other leathers.

Rare and hard to obtain.

Very rare and hard to obtain

It is said that the cordovan layer was produced when wild horses, the origin of farm horses, developed a tough collagen layer on their buttocks to protect themselves from fatal injuries when attacked from behind by predators.

However, it is not generated in all horses, but only exists in a select few who meet certain conditions.

Depending on the lineage and rearing environment, some individuals have almost no cordovan layer, so it is impossible to know the quality, or even whether it is present, without actually carving it out.

As a result, large, high-quality cordovan pieces are currently rare and difficult to obtain.

Inhaleable transparency

A translucent feel that draws you in

To produce this beautiful transparency, the dyeing method known as "aniline dyeing" requires highly skilled craftsmanship.

Skilled craftsmen assess the characteristics and condition of each piece of leather, and finish it while making fine adjustments according to the humidity and temperature at the time, resulting in one-of-a-kind leather with the finest shine.



Beautifully aged

It comes in three colors: the deep black and burgundy CARNO that are unique to Japan, and the natural NUME CARNO, which deepens in color with use and changes to a beautiful amber color like whiskey.

Please try out the world's finest cordovan, which has a casual yet modern feel.


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