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ITTI (イッチ) | レザーブランド ポーチ ショルダー バッグ ハンド 本革 日本製 国内生産 メンズ レディース ユニセックスITTI (イッチ) | レザーブランド ポーチ ショルダー バッグ ハンド 本革 日本製 国内生産 メンズ レディース ユニセックス


Innovative Design

We select mainly traditional materials from Japan and abroad, and offer fashion-oriented items created based on our extensive experience.
Furthermore, we offer innovative designs that are simple yet not categorized into any genre such as "neither men's," "neither women's," "neither classical" or "neither modern."

ITTI (イッチ) | ANNIE RICE BAG iii / DIPLO SKY (アニーライスバッグ/ディプロスカイレザー) 革小物 ポーチ 巾着 バッグ ミニ エコー社 ecco leather


Addictive Items

By incorporating functions that anticipate various usage scenarios without compromising the minimalist design, the product is fashionable yet easy to use beyond what you would imagine from its appearance.
We aim to create items that are addictive and that you will become addicted to every time you use them, and this idea is reflected in everything, including the original zipper pull tops and unique sizing that is different from others.

ITTI (イッチ) | 日本製 国内生産 職人 ハンドメイド メイドインジャパン レザー ブランド 革小物 バッグ 財布 グッズ

Made in Japan

The main production area is downtown Tokyo.

The factory they are teaming up with is a young team, mostly in their 30s, who each gained experience at a long-established factory before going independent.
We create products together with highly sensitive craftsmen who share the same sensibilities.



Born in 1981, graduated from the Department of Industrial, Craft and Design, Faculty of Art and Design, Musashino Art University.
His grandfather was Aoki Karyu, a representative calligrapher of the Showa era. He was inspired by his grandfather's innovative work and set his own goal to preserve Japanese traditions and innovative design approaches through fashion.
He launched a bag and leather accessory brand at a bag manufacturer and left the company in 2016 after 10 years of involvement.
"ITTI" was launched in 2017.

Our history

ITTI (イッチ) | COLLECTION (コレクション) | IMAGE VISUAL (イメージビジュアル) | LOOK (ルック) | 2021年春夏秋冬


The leather brand ITTI was launched in 2017. It brings together the finest materials from Japan and overseas to Tokyo, and offers fashion-oriented items created based on its extensive experience.

ICHI GALLERY (イチギャラリー) | ITTI (イッチ) ITTI HOME (イッチホーム) FLAGSHIP SHOP (フラグシップショップ) 旗艦店 オンリーショップ 取り扱い店舗 東京都渋谷区富ヶ谷ICHI GALLERY (イチギャラリー) | ITTI (イッチ) ITTI HOME (イッチホーム) FLAGSHIP SHOP (フラグシップショップ) 旗艦店 オンリーショップ 取り扱い店舗 東京都渋谷区富ヶ谷



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