Advanced leather with a focus on sustainability
ITTI (イッチ) | ecco leather (エコーレザー社) | サステナブル | エコロジー | レザー 皮革

Adopted leather from ECCO®︎ LEATHER

ECCO®︎ LEATHER has its own tanneries (leather production factories) in four countries and produces advanced leather that specializes in sustainability and innovation that is kind to the environment, society, and people around the world.

ITTI actively uses leather from ECCOO®︎ LEATHER.

Respecting tradition while constantly updating with the latest technology

All of ECCO®︎ LEATHER's efforts are fundamentally sustainable, with all four of its tanneries having been certified with Gold Rank, the world's highest rank, by the leather industry auditing organization LWG (Leather Working Group).

We are also actively participating in Apple's Green Energy Program (reducing carbon dioxide emissions and producing products using 100% clean energy).

In order to create a base that is as close to natural as possible, even the finished leather will have many scratches and unevenness; this is also proof that the leather is produced with a sustainable idea in mind, with none of the leather being thrown away, and as there is no problem with quality, ITTI does not avoid using all of the leather.

Enjoy materials created through cutting-edge initiatives and technology that are different from the standard, traditional, highest quality leather.

ITTI (イッチ) | ecco leather (エコーレザー社) | サステナブル | エコロジー | レザー 皮革
ITTI (イッチ) | ecco leather (エコーレザー社) | サステナブル | エコロジー | レザー 皮革
ITTI (イッチ) | DriTan™️テクノロジー | ecco leather (エコーレザー社) | 年間で約2,500万リットルを節水 | エコロジー | サステナブル

No unnecessary water is used in the production process

ECCO®︎ LEATHER's DriTan™ technology has revolutionized leather manufacturing, which requires large amounts of water.

DriTan™️ is a process in the leather tanning process that utilizes the moisture naturally contained in raw hides. It reduces the amount of water needed to tan one piece of raw hide by about 20 liters, saving about 25 million liters of water per year.

This is equivalent to the amount of water used by 9,000 people for a year. The leather produced using this method is in no way inferior to leather produced using conventional processes in terms of quality, texture, durability, and manufacturing time.

By not needing large amounts of water, we have succeeded in minimizing wastewater discharge and chemical usage.

Minimize wastewater and chemical usage

ITTI (イッチ) | DriTan™️テクノロジー | ecco leather (エコーレザー社) | 年間で約2,500万リットルを節水

Traditional tanning process

ITTI (イッチ) | DriTan™️テクノロジー | ecco leather (エコーレザー社) | 年間で約2,500万リットルを節水 | エコロジー | サステナブル | SDGs

Tanning process with DriTan™

ITTI (イッチ) | ecco leather (エコーレザー社) | サステナブル | エコロジー | レザー 皮革

Material Variations




ECCO®︎ LEATHER's shrink leather is mainly used for ITTI bags. This leather emphasizes the natural grain, and the expression changes slightly depending on the part, but the tough appearance is combined with the matte texture to create an air of elegance that is unlike anything else. It is also a high-quality leather that is characterized by its lightness contrary to its appearance.



This material is made from the XA series, the finest calf leather from ECCO®︎ LEATHER. Smooth leather has a unique suppleness and is a material with few distinctive features when viewed as leather, but when it is made into an item, it has a high-quality presence and a comfortable touch that you can feel when you touch it, making it an unparalleled leather. It is a sustainable material proposed by ECCO®︎ LEATHER, and a material that allows you to enjoy the finest texture.

Neo Nature


"NEO NATURE" is a premium leather with vegetable tanning, a signature product of ECCO®︎ LEATHER. The main ingredient is natural extracts, which give it a stunning color and an unparalleled feel. It will age beautifully and slowly with every touch, exposure to light and moisture in the air.



This hybrid leather is made by bonding NEO NATURE, a representative premium leather of ECCO®︎ LEATHER, with DYNEEMA® by DSM. It is a unique material that takes advantage of the characteristics of both NEO NATURE, which changes beautifully over time, and DYNEEMA®, which is thin and light, yet highly durable and tear-resistant.


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