Calf leather from Degermann, used by famous, long-established fashion houses

The oldest tannery in France

CARIB / CARIB NATURE, which is used in Ichi's wallets and AirPods cases, uses leather from Degermann .

Degyaman is France's oldest tannery, which continues to produce high-quality calf leather in the Alsace region of France, a region with a unique cultural sphere due to its magnificent nature, abundant and fresh water, and historical background.

Beautiful town with vineyards

The Alsace region is located in the center of Europe, bordering Luxembourg to the north, Germany to the east, and Switzerland to the south.

Located in the picturesque town of Bar in the heart of the vineyards, Desgermains dates back to the 19th century.

The leather produced in the factory, which has been in continuous operation since the company's founding, has conveyed DeGyaman's passion and value for leather, as well as its leather-making know-how.

Leather making without compromise

We have an uncompromising attitude towards leather making, and while respecting the traditions of leather, we are proactively working to improve our advanced technology, quality control, organization and products.

As the oldest tannery still standing in France, it continues to lead the French leather industry through its pioneering initiatives.

The stubborn nature of this region allows the traditional techniques and skilled craftsmen to continue producing beautiful leather.

Thorough quality control

DeGyaman only uses European calf leather, and thoroughly manages its raw materials, even tracking their origins.

We also carry out strict quality control during the tanning process, and quality testing is carried out in the laboratory before shipping.

The company produces around 15,000 square metres of leather per month, half of which is exported to European countries such as Italy, Germany and Switzerland, as well as to the USA and China.

Environmental protection activities

In addition to developing leather manufacturing techniques, Degyaman is also actively investing in environmental protection activities.

For over 30 years, we have been working to protect the surrounding environment by improving our waste treatment technology with the goal of reducing the amount of water discharged during production.

Thanks to large investments, the company is now able to completely treat industrial waste, and all water discharged from the factory fully meets Europe's strict wastewater standards.

Adopted by European fashion houses

Degyaman is a tannery under the umbrella of the French company Chanel, and its products are used by a certain famous, long-established French fashion house and an Italian luxury leather goods manufacturer.

This leather allows you to experience elegant aging that is not possible with other leathers.


Elegant aging

"CARIB" is made from BARANIL, a chrome-tanned leather with a texture similar to that of tanned leather. The leather is soaked in plenty of waxy oil, which gives it a glossy finish the more you use it, and instead of aging to a black color like tanned leather, it maintains its beautiful appearance and deepens in color. This leather is used by famous, long-established European fashion houses, and offers a unique and elegant aging experience.